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Five Key Areas to Pay Attention to When Buying a Home

Buying a new home is always an exciting endeavor. At some point the natural excitement of a big purchase can cloud a buyers judgment. Beware, some overlooked issues can be very costly to solve. To eliminate unnecessary anxiety and after-purchase regrets, pay close attention to the following Five Common (Potential) Problem Areas: plumbing, electrical, foundation, the attic, and landscaping.

Plumbing is one of the biggest areas of concern with many home buyers. The reason is - most issues are hard to detect for non-specialist and repairs and are usually expensive. Mold build up behind or under the sink is a commonly overlooked problem. Look for any cracks or gaps around the sink - these can be an open door for water penetration that may lead to mold.

Electrical issues are often associated with older houses - this wrong assumption can turn out to be very costly. Don't assume that newer houses automatically means that the electrical work is done correctly. Hiring a full home inspection can save you a lot in a long run.

Foundation can be compromised by incorrect water drainage, extensive groundhog nesting or nearby trees root invasion. The usual signs of an existing problem: cracks on the walls or floor, doors and windows are not opening/closing properly.

The Attic itself is usually not the issue but it can tell a "story about the house" providing clues whether other issues like damage to the roof or water leaks had occured. Something that can easily be fixed or covered up from the outside might still be shown up in the attic.

Landscaping can decorate the back and front yard or can damage a houses' foundation if planted too close to the walls. Planting flowers too close to the house is a common mistake that compromises the foundation by exposing it to water. There should be a 12 inch distance between the landscape and the house to avoid potential complications.

Learning about the home before you close a deal is the best way to protect yourself from making a mistake that may cost you extra later on.

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