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Testimonials: Physician Employment Contract Review Attorney

"I am very appreciative of Lana Yamnizki who may be the greatest medical contract lawyer of all time! I couldn't understand most of my contract but she took the time to go over it with me step by step. I couldn't have made the transition from fellow to attending without her and would recommend her to everyone. If you are graduating from a residency or fellowship and need a contract lawyer contact her!!!!"
- Joshua Richter, M.D.

"Lana surpassed my expectations in reviewing my wife's physician contract. I am a lawyer myself in another field, and I knew right away that Lana had a wealth of knowledge in this area. She was extremely helpful, answered all of our questions, and maintained a high degree of professionalism. She was able to advise of us on all aspects of the contract such as the industry standards for partnership buy-in, salary, non-compete, and much more. She helped us develop a plan in contract negotiations that was very effective. In short, she clearly knows what she is doing, and you should hire her."
- Amit Parikh

"I am very happy I worked with Lana on my first physician employment contract following fellowship. She is very knowledgeable and went over every paragraph of the contract in detail. Lana explained the good points and highlighted the contract language that can be negotiated to be in my best interest. I also asked her to negotiate improvements in my contract and I am very glad I did. I highly recommend Lana to any physician who needs someone to review and/or negotiate a physician employment contract!"
- K. Patel, MD

"Lana reviewed each paragraph of my contract thoroughly with me, and pointed out the things that should be negotiated to be in my best interest. I also had her negotiate for me and I'm very happy with the changes that we were able to make in my contract. I highly recommend Lana to anyone who needs an attorney to review their employment contracts."
- Dr. Miaoying Zhang

"Lana Yamnizki is an excellent attorney! After speaking to several different firms who wanted to charge me thousands of dollars for a contract review, I was very thankful to have found Lana! Not only does she specialize in physician contracts, she uses a flat fee payment model. She provided a thorough review, simplifying complicated legal jargon and offering very constructive suggestions to get the most out of my contract. If you want piece of mind.... Let this experienced professional review your next contract!"
-Dr. R. Mandel

"Lana was incredible when handling my negotiations . She took a great deal of time explaining everything to me. My questions were always answered in a timely manner, calls returned and I was always comfortable and kept informed. She brought my case to a quick resolution with an outcome better than anything I expected. I was very pleased with the work and prompt final outcome.
Thank you Lana."
- Dr. Mani

"I'm thrilled that I found Lana to review my contract for me. She’s passionate about her work and dedicated to make a difference. She was thorough in reviewing all the legal jargon in my contract and advising appropriate changes a sentence at a time. I would highly recommend her to anyone going through this process as she makes it a seamless transition. Thank you Lana for all your help!"
Dr. Sanjukta Sanyal

"Ms. Yamnizki went thoroughly over my contract with me and pointed out several key issues which one could have easily missed. She showed great interest in following up with me after intial review as well. She is prompt and quite knowledegble about intricacy of medical contracts. Many thanks to her for getting me through this."
Dr. Narender Goel MD

"Lana is truly passionate about law and helping people. She is one of those rare people who truly loves what she does and the best attorney I know. If you are looking for an honest, sincere, knowledgeable attorney who cares about her clients and treats them with respect -- look no further than Lana Yamnizki."
- Joseph B.

"I am a physician just finishing training, and Lana recently helped me through a review of my new employment contract. She is thorough, reliable, and personable, and I would highly recommend her to any physician (but most especially to new grads!) in need of someone to review an employment contract. You will want an excellent and professional attorney on your side during the contract review, and Lana is just that."
- Dr. Jennifer Howes

"Lana advertises herself as "the lawyer that cares". In my experiences with her, Lana has proven to be much more than that. Forget the fact that her fees are not only reasonable as compared to others, but are also very upfront. She is one of the few lawyers that does not charge for more than the work she does. 

As a person, this woman will take the time out of her busy day and will spend extra time with you so that you are more than happy with her services. She took time out in her day to help me even prior to money being involved. She is one of those people that may actually care about others more than herself at times. 

As a lawyer, she worked on my contract on Superbowl Sunday. That speaks for itself. 

She's a great lawyer and I highly recommend her to anyone."
- George Perelshteyn

"Lana is very nice, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. The upfront fee is convenient and honest, and after speaking with several other lawyers and firms I really came to appreciate it even more. My contract was reviewed thoroughly and all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I recommend Lana to any physician looking for a complete and efficient contract review."
- Dr. Arthur Rusovici

"Lana Yamnizki is a great attorney that does Physician Employment Contracts. She is very detailed and persistent. Lana has a great personality and the best people skills! If you are a medical resident or fellow and received an employment offer, you need an attorney to review the contract! Contact Lana!!!"
- Alexandra Shustina, D.O.

"I am very happy with Lana Yamnizki’s services with my medical contract and would recommend her to all physicians in NY, NJ."
Dr. Amin Maghari

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